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Mir Mosharraf Hossain

Mir Mosharraf Hossain was born in 1847 in the village of Lahinipara in Kushtia.There ia a confusion about his date of birth, some say that it may be October 26th, but 1947November 13th is most accepted. He died on 1912. His father was Mir Moazzem Hossain, a landlord of nineteenth century in Bengal and mother was Daulatunnesa. He was a famous novelist, playwright and essayist of 19th century in Bengal. He was famous for his great work named 'Bishad Sindhu'.His another work was 'Jamindar Darpan'
He married Aziz-un-Nesa in 1865, but their life was not happy. As a result, in 1874, he married again. His wife was 'Bibi Kulsum'
works :
More than 35 books was written by him. His first Novel 'Rotnoboti' was published in 1869.
Novel :
Ratnawati (1869)
Bishad Shindhu (1885-1890)
Play :
Jamidar Darpan (1873)
Bosontokumari Natok (1873)
Poetry :
Gorai Bridge or Gouri Setu (1873)
Essay :
Amar Jiboni (autobiography)
Bibi Kulsum
Gazi Miar Bostani
Bibi Khodejar Bibaho
Hazrart Umarer Dharmo Jibon Labh
Musolmaner Bangla Shikhya-1
Musolmaner Bangla Shikhya-2


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Mosharraf Hossains Books :: Jamidar Darpan
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