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Manik Bandopadhyay

He was born on 1908 May19 and died on 1956 (at the age of 48) in a town named 'Dumka' in the district of 'Santal Paragona' in the state of 'Bihar' in 'India'. His father name was 'Harihar Bandopadhyay' who was a government official and his mother was 'Niroda Devi (died on 28 May 1924)'. Maniks original name is 'Prabodh Kumar Bandhopadhay' and family name 'Manik'. His father had 14 children, he was 5th.His most important work was 'PADMA NADIR MAJHI(The Boatman of River Padma)','PUTUL NACHER ITIKOTHA(A History of Puppet Dance)' and many more. His first story was "Atshi mami"
Manik passed his entrance in 1926 from Midnapore Zilla School. He obtained first division with letter marks. Then he was admitted in 'Welleslyan Mission College' at 'Bankura'. He passed I. Sc. with first division in 1928 .He took his B.Sc. course in Mathematics at the Presidency College in Kolkata.
Diba-Ratrir Kabya(1935)
Padma Nadir Majhi(1936)
Putul Nacher Itikatha
diba kabya
Short Stories
Atshi Mami


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